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Grants Management Software

Grant transactions are rising every year, and the adoption of grants management software has become essential for efficiently navigating the complexities of the grant process. Rules and regulations are continually evolving across the federal, state, and local governments. Grants are the number one way the Federal Government spends money. Rules and regulations are continually evolving across the federal, state, and local governments. 73% of grant management tools used by small agencies are custom. These custom applications make it difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving grants landscape.

Ignyte’s Grants Management software solution enables various public institutions, including government agencies and universities, to streamline their grant management process and meet their organization’s needs. Our solutions encompass the entire grants management lifecycle from pre-award through post-award. It improves the experience for grant managers/grantmakers (grantors) and grant seekers (grantees) by improving collaboration, automating time-consuming manual tasks, seamlessly integrating with other enterprise systems, and providing end-to-end traceability throughout the process. With robust features for handling grant proposals, application review, and program management, agencies will benefit by streamlining operations, identifying more grant opportunities, and improving the utilization of grant funds in many cases. Results are possible through our grants management software’s emphasis on coordination and process automation. This solution implements the Federal Integrated Business Framework (FIBF) Data Standards for grants management, and Integrations enable complete compliance with regulatory requirements during all stages of the grants management process, ensuring best practices are followed.

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Our Grants Management Software Key Features

Reduce the work your grant administrator needs to do by handing over rote grants-related tasks to software. Speed through all stages from pre- to post-award and streamline the grant program lifecycle. In addition to the following, Ignyte’s Grants Management system integrates seamlessly with accounting and enterprise resource planning to accelerate transaction reporting and other grant management processes and also, integrates with to enable your team to quickly search, identify, and apply for funding opportunities with built-in integrations to

Adaptability Across Verticals
Domains as far-reaching as education, housing, health and human services, critical infrastructure, and transportation, as well as broadband internet service provision, can benefit from Ignyte’s already-proven grant management system.
Intelligent Document Processing
Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) technology to intelligently extract relevant information from uploaded documents (including hand-written notes), improving productivity and efficiency for grant administrators.
Detailed Budgeting
Automatically generate budgets based on uploaded award letters or use intuitive tools for grant funding planning through the cloud using simple templates and guided step-by-step wizards.
Comprehensive Reporting Tools
Get robust reporting and monitor regulatory compliance to ensure stakeholders remain informed and continue to abide by due process.

Benefits of Ignyte's Grant Tracking Software Solution

      ✓ Time efficiency. Stop spending as much time processing uploaded award letter attachments(PDF, Word, RTF, etc.) and free up staff for higher-value tasks.

      ✓ Consolidated data. Leverage cloud-based software solutions to monitor grant applications throughout the lifecycle and across multiple programs.

      ✓ Build comprehensive audit trails. Improve your organization’s compliance and drive accountability for results.

      ✓ End manual reconciliations. Use real-time automation tools to perform Grant Lifecycle Manager tasks without human labor input.

      ✓ Superior funds management. Use grant money more efficiently and effectively.

      ✓ Reduce confusion. Ensure grantmakers and grant seekers coordinate during the grant award process.

      ✓ Low-Code Process Automation. Automated workflows have been derived from federal frameworks, persona shadowing, and process engineering.

      ✓ Quick Adoption with Proven User Experience. This solution was designed with the user as the center of focus. The tailored user interfaces and thoughtful user experiences can be adopted by new users with little guidance needed.

      ✓ Compliance Assurance. Standardized or unique audit preparation and reports can be generated on a schedule or ad-hoc to ease these procedures.

How Our Grant Management Solution Works

Our grant-tracking software relies on intelligent workflow technology to reduce the burden of grant-related tasks for you, freeing up resources and enabling organizational flexibility. Our solution works through the following methods: 

Collaborative and configurable digital workflows with an intuitive user experience guide grant administrators through every step of the grantmaking process and inform awardees on the status of their funds. 

Automation of time-consuming manual financial management tasks such as setting up program budgets by extracting critical data from award letters and other uploaded documents.

End-to-end grant application process that facilitates workflows from pre-award through post-award. The foundation of this solution is the centralized grant project records. Users can develop grant project packages collaboratively, utilizing review workflows and tailorable approval milestones.

Flexible Data Fabric that makes connections to internal databases simple and leverages legacy systems, such as existing accounting software, will add to the centralization of your enterprise architecture.

Our grants management solution does not require wholesale changes to your existing Financial, accounting, or ERP systems. Instead, it seamlessly integrates with existing systems, performing reconciliation and reimbursement transaction logging on your behalf. Implementations come with advanced surveillance features, enabling you to ensure grant compliance while communicating with relevant stakeholders.

Ignyte’s Grants Management Software at a Glance:


  • Grants Management Software Budgeting Dashboard

    Grants Management Software Budgeting Dashboard

  • Grants Management Software home dashboard

    Grants Management Software Home Dashboard

  • Grants Management Application for New Project

    Grants Management Application for New Project

  • Grants Management Software Budget Creation

    Grants Management Software Budget Creation

For more information on our award-winning solution, visit Appian App Market, AWS Market Place, or Carahsoft Webinar.

Grants Management Solution Use Cases

Higher Education Grants Management Software

Our Grants Management solution can be designed to support grant programs in the education system by focusing on capabilities that allow students, primary education facilities, universities, colleges, and trade schools to fund innovative programs that benefit citizens. Educational institutions need to apply for grants and manage grant applications from students to ensure that funding can reach those who can use it for true innovation, be it in academic advancement or investing in technology, research, or classroom materials. These solutions can streamline the work it takes to complete grant-related tasks with instructive and easy-to-read user guides to help administrators through each step of the grant management process and automation of various functions.

Broadband Grant Management solution

The Grants Management solution we offer can cater to the needs of clients who aim to provide communities with better access to funds designed to improve broadband access. This can help organizations address the digital divide in their area. By improving access to grant programs that will enhance the deployment and use of broadband as well as related digital technology infrastructures in their local areas, organizations that use our grant management solution can improve the equity of high-speed internet access and the opportunities it affords. Our solution enables better access to funding investments for broadband infrastructure in various ways, reducing administrative burden through streamlined processes and automation while making it easier for end-users to learn how to process and manage grant applications.

Transportation Grants Management Solution

By providing clients in the transportation space with the right Grants Management solution, we can better help relevant service providers and their communities access the funding for the initiatives that can be vital to their local infrastructures. This can significantly streamline the processes of applying for and managing grants. Grants for transportation can be vital for improving the community’s mobility and funding critical infrastructure projects. Access to the proper grants can make it easier for communities to enjoy the benefits of efficient transport connectivity, and our solution can help with that. By streamlining and automating the tasks related to grant application and management, we aim to help communities and their relevant transportation as well as infrastructure providers better access the funds necessary for crucial infrastructure improvements.

HHS Grants Management Solution

Clients who are managing grants within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) can utilize our tailored Grants Management solution to ensure that funding goes where it needs to, towards the programs that can legitimately provide access to quality care and improve the overall health of the population. HHS institutions and agencies can ensure that funding is more easily granted where it is needed, ensuring that it is allocated most effectively while also keeping up with the strict regulations regarding the use of sensitive data often applicable to funding processes. Our Grant Management solution can help you do this while streamlining your workflow, making it easier for the team to complete related tasks, and creating intuitive end-user instructions.

Housing and Finance Grants Management Solution

With our Grants Management solution, you can create a platform to ensure reliable and streamlined grant programs within housing and finance, including systems to fund first-time home buyers and address housing shortages, equity, and access issues. The need for finance across the housing industry is more significant than ever, and institutions that aim to help homebuyers get access to the finance they need can use our system to streamline their method of applying for them, allowing for more effective use of housing resources in an equitable fashion. Our Grants Management solution can help you manage the work of completing applications and management tasks more efficiently and can create user guides that allow end-users to be more self-sufficient in their use of the services you offer.

Ignyte's Grants Management Solution Recognitions


Execution Excellence AppMarket Award

Recognition Summary

These awards recognize the best solutions on the Appian AppMarket

Qualifying Criteria

  • Empowers federal agencies to efficiently fund and manage socially beneficial programs, replacing outdated systems and introducing streamlined user experiences.
  • Seamless integration with financial systems and federal platforms enhances fund utilization, grant coordination, and transparency.


Recommended by the HHS QSMO

Recognition Summary

Affirms likely ability to meet the IT needs of a Federal Awarding Agency, based upon market research criteria

Qualifying Criteria

  • Recommended by QSMO experts after passing a rigorous selection, review, and selection process.
  • Result of annual market research conducted by a cross-government panel, meant to simply the buying process for Federal Awarding Agencies.
    • e.g., self-reported RFI responses, solution alignment to grand standards, feedback from government-wide review team, etc.
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