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Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Software

Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment programs require solutions with a streamlined way to apply, access, and maintain healthcare and financial benefits without coverage gaps. With the collective goal of improving Customer Experience Outcomes, Ignyte Group provides a solution that will optimize eligibility, enrollment, and member management functionality for all in-scope programs by replacing legacy eligibility and enrollment systems.

Ignyte Group’s Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment solution brings key Integration Eligibility Lifecycles solution accelerators along with our proven track record delivering eligibility solutions for human services organizations to enable health and human services workflows across the public and private sectors. The solution is built on Appian’s industry-leading low-code platform and hosted on Appian’s secure, FedRAMP certified and HIPAA Compliant cloud. Operating as an integrated team, Appian will provide the software and platform while Ignyte Group resources will provide the design, configuration, and change management support to deliver a tailored solution that meets Eligibility and Enrollment programs’ unique needs.

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Our Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Software Key Features

Our solution includes three main features: a customer portal for submitting and tracking applications, a staff portal for processing applications and managing program enrollment, and a rules engine that supports eligibility determination and case management that is flexible for the changing requirements of each program. Appian’s powerful low-code platform provides a wide range of tools to support those features, including automated tasks & notifications, real-time reporting, and rich integration capabilities.

Customer Portal
Our solution offers a self-service customer-facing website by leveraging Appian Portals, an Appian offering that allows developers to create public websites on a low-code platform to avoid building a custom and expensive HTML/CSS/JavaScript website from scratch. Appian Portals has the added benefit of seamlessly integrating with the internal Appian application used by Staff. Using a combination of Portals and Appian’s “data anywhere” approach, we can build a single application layer with which end users can interact.
Staff Portal and Case Management
Our solution leverages industry-leading case management capabilities to ensure that identified issues are addressed in a thorough and timely manner. Our case management solution will improve the coordination of cases amongst staff by tracking all case data in one place as well as providing reporting on case metrics (case completion times, cases completed by staff member, etc.) to higher-level Staff executives that can be used for resourcing and process improvement. In addition, our solution also routes cases to Staff through automatic processes, reducing the need for manual case assignment or workload distribution.
Rules Engine
Our solution includes a dynamic and flexible rules engine to support the differing eligibility criteria for each program. Rules engines are intended to reduce manual work, decrease errors, and speed up processing times. Often, rules engines are limited in one or multiple ways in how complex those rules can be or when those rules are difficult to maintain over time as requirements change. Our rules engine overcomes those challenges - thanks to our use of Appian’s low-code tools to achieve an intuitive configuration that makes maintenance and updates simple as rules and regulations change, even with complex branching logic.
Applications Result Tracking
Results tracking is in real-time, allowing users to always know where in the process an application stands. Out of the box and configurable reporting allows users to see case tracking at an aggregate level – such as Total # of Applications, # of Open Applications, # of Applications by Type, Applications Over Time, etc.

Benefits of Ignyte's Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Software

      ✓ Logical Access Controls: Ignyte Group can integrate the user base into the Appian platform with a role-based security concept, providing secure access to all components such as data, applications, tasks, reports, and more.

      ✓ Workflows and Notifications: Appian provides a Visio-like, BPMN-Compliant process modeler, which allows process designers to draw workflows instead of coding them. Each node has configurable settings, telling Appian how to process the data, UIs, and routing.

      ✓ System Administration: Appian offers an easy-to-use self-service management console, including several tools and best practices for managing the runtime environment.

      ✓ Application Reviews: Application reviews can be simple or complex in Appian. They can be conducted by single individuals or a team of individuals and be routed via configurable business rules. Reviews will have access to the information they need to do their job (using role-based access controls), and some information may be hidden if sensitive or irrelevant.

      ✓ Reporting: Out-of-the-box (OOTB), the platform provides a full performance reporting and analytics suite. Application data can be aggregated at any level, with drill-down and actionable capabilities built directly into the reports. Appian provides OOTB reports for measuring the effectiveness of different versions of rules and workflows, individual user performance, and quality.

      ✓ Data Migration: Data migration is always a complexity. Appian’s capability to integrate data from various sources and not require it to reside in an Appian-native repository sets it apart from other platforms and simplifies the configuration and management of new data sources. Appian supports integrations based on Open Standards, Java APIs, or custom-built extensions, allowing users to access data where it currently resides and insert it without the need for data migration.

      ✓ Mobile-friendly Interfaces: Appian offers a simple framework that allows data elements to be dragged and dropped into forms. Appian’s patented Self-Assembling Interface Layer (SAIL) interface-design technology allows organizations to design interfaces once and then makes them instantly available on mobile formats. Appian Sites allow designers to build a fit-for-purpose user experience that combines forms, records, and reports into a role-based GUI.

How Our Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Software Works

By partnering with Appian, the leading business process management platform, Ignyte Group can leverage the platform’s out-of-the-box compatibility, secure HIPAA-compliant cloud, low-code configuration, available 24x7x365 support, and adaptable functionality to meet dynamic requirements. Appian’s easily configurable workflows, forms, automated notifications, scheduling/calendar capabilities, and analytics features will help track, manage, and analyze data related to the IE&E application. Appian’s wide range of system capabilities will help Ignyte Group design a customer-focused IE&E program to enable a simpler application and benefits monitoring process. The Appian platform is ideally suited to deliver the functionality required of the new multi-round application system and to realize the overarching objectives for digital transformation.

Ignyte Group’s Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Software at a Glance:

Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Solution Use Cases

Utilities Assistance Solution

Our Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment solution can help those who need utility assistance. It provides vital services for those struggling to manage their bills or monitor their energy and water use. This solution can streamline the evaluation criteria for providers, including income, household size, energy, consumption patterns, and local utility rates. It’s a secure system that allows users to submit their existing utility bills and proof of income, helping to save time and energy during the application process. With this solution, eligible individuals and households can benefit from access to essential utility services, helping to address the problems that many face in paying their utilities and comfortably heating their homes.

Supplemental Income, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Solution

Our integrated eligibility and enrollment solutions are designed to alleviate the burden of the application process. By streamlining the process, we offer an efficient and less time-consuming experience to those needing supplemental income or temporary assistance to needy families.

Getting help for society’s most vulnerable involves a transparent process of determining eligibility based on various factors influencing a decision. Our solution accesses multiple data points and criteria to ensure a fair and comprehensive assessment, making the process easier for everyone involved.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with government databases for a more insightful overview and application process. Specialist tools within the solution are available for assessing eligibility based on a range of secure and privacy-protected facts, including income levels, employment status, disability levels, and familial circumstances.

Users can ensure that our robust verification system accurately validates the information collected. This system ensures that all data is correct and up-to-date and that secure document management facilities can submit all required documents to support applications correctly.

Subsidized Housing and Public Housing Solution

Assessing candidates for subsidized housing and public housing can be a challenging process. Various details to validate include income, household size, housing status, and local housing market conditions. Not only that, but it’s vital that personal information remains secure, ensuring both users and providers can use systems safely and securely. Ignyte Group’s Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment solution can help subsidized and public housing providers streamline their processes and make finding suitable housing for candidates easier. With tools that help make it easy to find available housing options and budgeting tools for tenants, our solution will help improve the housing application process for all. From government agencies to local housing authorities, integrated eligibility and enrollment solutions provide features and capabilities that can help provide valuable community services and ensure that the needs of individuals and families are met.

Food Assistance / Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP) Solution

The Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Solution we offer is a powerful tool that streamlines the application process for Food Assistance and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP). It leverages technology to deliver faster results, significantly reducing administrative duties and costs associated with processing applications.

The solution will improve how organizations access the required information and collect the documentation and data to help those who need immediate support.

It streamlines applicants’ approaches to the process, delivering results swiftly and efficiently, minimizing work and miscommunication between agencies and departments.

Health Insurance, Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program Solution

The Ignyte Group Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment for Health Insurance, Medicaid, and Children’s Health Insurance Programs offers a revolutionary approach to assessing eligibility for insurance service programs. It allows businesses to streamline the essential aspects of the application and enrolment process.

Our solutions bring together all parts of the application process for a holistic and complete view, allowing you to improve and track what you do and ensure the applications received are assessed fairly and with the correct information. By utilizing our solution, you can implement a more streamlined approach to testing, residency status, and citizenship validation. Thanks to the many tools included and optimized systems, you can reduce administrative duties and deliver optimal healthcare coverage.

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