Branding & Digital Marketing

Build Your Brand

Marketing and branding don’t just align your products to your customers. It’s for company leadership and your employees too. Your brand is the pulse that keeps your company alive and moving forward: Ignyte reinvigorates your brand message for you – whether its aimed at the C-suite, your workforce, or your end-customers.

Branding and digital marketing aren’t separate concepts. We marry them together to develop and promote your company’s story and personality.

Identity Design

Your brand is more than just your company’s logo, it’s your whole identity. Ignyte works with you to understand your corporate identity and what makes you different from your competition. We then use that to redefine and illustrate your identity – from your logo, color schemes, and brand messaging and guidelines.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Do you know how to market your brand to the correct audience while meeting your target campaign KPIs? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Our digital marketing experts know how to market your company in the digital age using the latest trends from Silicon Valley. From content strategy to digital elevation, our digital marketing strategy is all about growth and engagement for your brand.

Video Development

In 5 years are you going to be reading this content, or watching it? Video is more than just a marketing fad, it is where the industry is going. Ignyte’s digital team is well versed in video development and can engage your audience and promote your message in 2 short minutes.