Digital Experience Design

Craft Stunning Digital Experiences

As a digital consultancy, building a positive digital experience is at the cornerstone of everything we do. From websites to mobile apps, our team works with you to understand your brand story and reflect that in your overall digital presence.

Ignyte gives your digital presence new life through immersive and innovative designs and solutions.


Your website is the welcome mat for your company. Ignyte creates modern, mobile-ready websites catered to your company’s key customer personas using the newest, innovative UI/UX design. We work with our customers to build websites ranging from B2B, employee Intranets, to e-commerce sites, just to name a few.

Mobile Apps

Being optimized for mobile is no longer a novel idea, it’s a necessity. Our developers create stunning interactive mobile apps that bring your workflows, processes, maps, or shopping carts right to your fingertips. And better yet, Ignyte makes these apps for both Android and iOS.

Voice and Chat

Thinking about creating an app that works with any of the AI options on the market? Ignyte creates voice apps to bring unique voice automation capabilities to your company – whether you want to say “Hey Siri”, “OK Google” or “Alexa.”

Case Management

We understand that opening, evaluating, and resolving cases can involve multiple scenarios, hundreds of employees, and several federal regulations. Our management consultants are experts in case management systems – whether it be for the healthcare, law, transportation, or financial sectors. We work with your organization to either develop or improve them based on our past experiences and best practices.