Digital Transformation

Plan Your Digital Transformation

We always keep your company’s mission in mind, whether you are looking to go mobile or figure out how to market to your customers better. We develop and execute customized digital strategies tailored to your customer and technological landscape, and harness new technologies to realize your place in the digital age.

Moving into the digital age is a necessity – Ignyte will bring you there.

Digital Strategy and Roadmaps

Whether you are purchasing a new enterprise technology, moving into the cloud, or consolidating software tools, we understand there are several moving parts. We work with your organization and your people to create a forward-thinking roadmap to detail your digital transformation for the coming weeks, months, and years.

Policy Modernization and Management

Ignyte understands that your digital transformation is only effective if your organization has robust policies and governance in place. Ignyte is skilled at policy development and writing that makes sure your organization is ready for the future.

Innovation Program Development

As a small firm, Ignyte understands how to find that creative spark that fosters innovation. We can bring that to your organization through creating employee innovation contests, developing software bake-offs, and analyzing existing project portfolios to foster the innovation within your own walls.

Vendor Selection and Management

Identifying the right technology vendor can be cumbersome. Ignyte works with you to understand your key drivers and constraints in choosing new vendors – beyond just price and timeline – and develop a decision-making framework to help you choose the best option for your organization.

Cloud Migration

Ignyte makes taking the leap into the cloud a no-brainer. We will help you solve the challenges of cloud migration – from scaling, pricing, and security – to ensure a smooth, seamless transition for your organization.