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Digitize and Transform Your Business Processes

We specialize in modernizing and automating business processes using the Appian platform

What is Appian?

As the market leader in low-code and process automation solutions, Appian provides a cloud-based enterprise software platform designed to help businesses and organizations of all sizes:

  • Manage processes, cases, and customers more effectively
  • Orchestrate people, technology, and data into a streamlined workflow to drive real business impacts
  • Discover, design, and automate powerful workflows and applications to help you stay ahead
  • Build applications and workflows over 20 times faster than traditional software development
  • Maximize resources, improve business results, and remain flexible to changing client needs

Ignyte + Appian

As a Premier Appian Partner, Ignyte brings extensive experience in developing, accelerating, and implementing low-code Appian solutions to help organizations achieve their current and future goals.

Ignyte enables Appian clients to drive innovation through the adoption of game-changing technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), intelligent document processing (IDP), versatile reporting capabilities, and dynamic case management.



Ignyte is a recognized leader in creating human-centered solutions designed to optimize user experience, create effortless interactions, and persistently improve business operations.


I can't imagine being successful on this project without Appian's low-code platform and Ignyte's client-focused approach

- CTO at a Northern VA Tech Startup

Ignyte + Appian Benefits & Features

We apply our proven agile delivery model to rapidly deliver results and incremental value. Our team of certified Appian specialists have the knowledge and experience necessary to take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities and solve the biggest challenges.

Below are a few highlights of Ignyte’s Appian service capabilities:

Smarter Automated Workflows

Our certified Appian professionals provide guidance and suggestions on how the platform can best be used to automate more workflows and solve the biggest challenges.

Accelerated Integration Hub

We use Appian’s built-in connectors to integrate legacy programs and data, build a framework for improved applications that streamline migration, strengthen security and compliance, and integrate new system functionalities to digitally transform your operations.

Strengthened User Experience Canvas

Ignyte designs applications that are intuitive and easy-to-use. By leveraging reusable components and new patterns, we build a clean experience that meets all user needs, saves valuable time, and motivates users to become an active part in business transformation.

Portfolio of Pre-built Solutions

Our rich portfolio of Appian solutions can be quickly tailored to meet the most complex business needs. We regularly improve upon our existing frameworks to stay up to date with new product releases, design accelerators, and interface design patterns.

Tailored Solutions Delivered Quickly

We design high-performing Appian solutions that are flexible, easy to maintain, and fully customizable to user needs. Our Appian solutions are tailored to specific client requirements up to 20x faster than traditional custom development, without the downstream risks to future enhancements associated with COTs packages.

Agile Approach and User-Centered Design

Ignyte applies an agile approach and work closely with clients to identify journey maps and continually refine our solutions based on user needs and expectations. Our user-centered and iterative approach ensures we are solving the root problem and gaining the perspective of everyone within the business process.

How we work with Appian

Ignyte leverages our deep knowledge and understanding of Appian’s robust capabilities to design tailored solutions to a variety of different client challenges.

In addition to helping clients define their unique needs, Ignyte provides the design, configuration, and change management support needed to successfully transform your business and get the most out of your investment in the Appian platform.

We specialize in several different Appian use cases, including the following:

Mental Health Management

Offer patients and providers a system of connected care that is accessible, HIPAA compliant, and encourages patient engagement.

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Patient Engagement

Further connectivity between patients and providers with 24/7 access via connected devices to view social determinants of health resources and enable more effective care plans.

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Provider Enablement

Enables providers to extend the EHR to improve patient scheduling, reduce missed appointments, automate record keeping, and streamline inventory management.

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Occupational Health

Adapt to a quickly evolving public health sphere by streamlining all services, programs, policies, and providers into one centralized occupational health hub.

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Vaccine Validation

Allow employers better insight into the vaccination status of their employees. Apply standardized set of checks to all employees, ensuring fair and equal validation of COVID-19 Vaccination Records.

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Remote Asset Management

Enable your workforce to manage assets and leverage intelligent serial number scanning to streamline tracking and issuing.

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We leverage our extensive portfolio of working low-code solutions and our proven framework to deliver innovative and scalable digital experiences. We support your digital transformation with the Appian platform across all stages of your digital transformation, including Strategy & Prioritization, Solution Architecture Design, Configuration & Testing, and Training & Adoption Support.


Ignyte’s experienced team of technical consultants are committed to delivering innovative and scalable digital experiences. We rapidly develop new tools and technologies to modernize business, automate workflows, and fit your unique business needs.


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