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Higher Education Grants Management Software

Our Grants Management solution can be designed to support grant programs in the education system by focusing on capabilities that allow students, primary education facilities, universities, colleges, and trade schools to fund innovative programs that benefit citizens. Educational institutions need to apply for grants and manage grant applications from students to ensure that funding can reach those who can use it for true innovation, be it in academic advancement or investing in technology, research, or classroom materials. These solutions can streamline the work it takes to complete grant-related tasks with instructive and easy-to-read user guides to help administrators through each step of the grant management process and automation of various functions.

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Ignyte's Higher Ed Grants Management Software Key Features

One of the primary features of our grant management solution for educational settings is the ability to incorporate a wide range of data that allows it to be more specific to the needs of the higher education landscape and student grant management. For instance, this includes the ability to verify students’ identities, residency status, and current enrollment status, with the ability to automate certain responses in reaction to specific data entries. Our solution can also include means testing, allowing financial assistance to be allocated more fairly.

Our education grant management solution can also include the ability to integrate with widely-used Higher Ed technology systems, including Elucian Banner, Salesforce, and more. As such, institutions already using such platforms and have established collecting and organizing data can see that data is easily shared with their grant management systems, eliminating inefficiencies and ensuring data accuracy across different platforms. This makes it even easier to transition to using our solution.

With the understanding that educational institutions, including universities, may want to make it easier for students to use systems themselves, we can incorporate student self-service features into our solution, allowing them to easily access, view, apply for grants, and manage any grant funds awarded to them. As such, students can have more direct control over their own funding experience, which also means staff within educational facilities do not have to manage systems manually.

Our educational grant management solution can also be designed to be compatible with State-level centralized financial management systems. Integrating systems such as Infor and CGI Momentum allows grant management systems to integrate data directly from them, improving the collaborative ability between educational bodies and government organizations. This also provides grant applications submitted to government organizations to be submitted more efficiently, accurately, and keeping up with state-level compliance demands.

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The above features allow educational institutions to ensure that grant funds can go to the intended recipients by streamlining the validation of submitted data to comply with grant requirements.

By ensuring data accuracy and integrity, our grant management solution can help to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse, aided by comprehensive verification processes.

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