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Computer Automated Telephone Interviewing System


Following the declaration of a disaster by the President, a major national agency is required to deliver consistent excellent customer service to those seeking aid, but their outdated system was failing to meet the current and future demands of the Agency. The Federal Agency and their Disaster Call Center engaged Ignyte Group to replace its antiquated system with a new, custom ServiceNow application to integrate with a third-party surveying application as well as enhance their ability to collect, store, and report on surveying data.

Our Role

Ignyte worked with key stakeholders to understand the current state of the business and processes, identify process gaps and points of improvement, build requirements, develop the application, implement the solution, provide system documentation, and lead training initiatives with staff.  

The CATI application provides the agency with the tools needed to focus on supporting survivors by automating the queuing of outreach calls, enforcing customized business rules, and improving access to data. The application is integrated with the Medallia platform to further facilitate surveying of relief recipients and record and track key information.  Having a single, integrated system improves efficiency and provides clarity into resource availability while standardizing processes and procedures.  

The application allows interviewers to focus on assisting disaster survivors, empowers managers with the tools needed to effectively organize their team, and leadership with key data to make informed business decisions. 

Key Accomplishments & Impact

The following are the key accomplishments and impact of our team’s solution and delivery:

Key Accomplishment
Automated system to queue records
Business Impact
  • Records are automatically queued following preset business rules removing manual processes
  • Records are automatically requeued or removed based on response and predefined rules eliminating human errors
  • No more missed scheduled calls. Queueing system ensures that calls are scheduled within the hours of operation of the call center and queued on the local time zone of the interviewer
Key Accomplishment
Ability for team leads to manage and direct their team
Business Impact
  • Improved process of setting up collection cycles. Managers can quickly and easily set up calls and disaster cycles with unique business rules without having to request new system changes
  • Improved quality of interviews. Managers can assign interviewers with specific skills which the system will use queue surveys reducing the number of calls where an interpreter is needed
  • Quicker disaster response where the managers can adjust call center operations in real time
Key Accomplishment
Advanced reports and metrics
Business Impact
  • Quicker turnaround on making critical business decisions. Access to advanced system and disaster data for key decision makers to set agency policies and procedures
  • Rapid response and process modification to disasters by providing team leads with access to view live disaster and interviewer data
  • Enhanced workload management. Interviewers can access individualized data to gain insight and monitor their past, current, and future workload
Key Accomplishment
Integration with existing survey applications
Business Impact
  • Improved record maintenance. Electronic survey data and CATI records stored in a single application
  • Improved reporting capabilities. The application allows for on demand report generation
  • Improved transparency and access to data
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