Emergency Employee Notification System


Our client is one of the largest transit systems in the nation serving hundreds of thousands of riders a week across the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. They are a non-federal tri-jurisdictional government agency with a staff of over 15,000 employees, with a mission to provide safe, equitable, reliable, and cost-effective public transit.

The client has a large workforce dispersed among three different jurisdictions requires effective communication to promote a safe work environment and continuity of operations. Their underutilized legacy technology and lack of a centralized processes/system for internal mass notification limited their ability to alert and mobilize staff when critical mass emergency events arise.

Our Role

The client engaged Ignyte to develop a centralized emergency mass notification system and operational processes, using a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool already in use at a limited capacity by the client. Ignyte led the planning, analysis, training, and implementation of a solution to automate safety alerting workflows to manage the end-to-end incident management lifecycle, workforce response analytics, and supporting documents. Our team also established a help desk and internal portal to manage incident templates and reports and included integration with other enterprise systems (i.e., human resources) and legacy technologies.

Ignyte was instrumental in designing a robust system capable of meeting the client’s current and future needs, smart message targeting, and promoting ease of use by limiting complexity with prefabricated incident forms, outbound messaging, and contact group mapping. As a mass transit authority, security and compliance are of the utmost importance. Ignyte vetted and confirmed solution security specifications meet the Security Assessment and Authorization requirements of the client’s many partners and stakeholder groups, including State and Local Government agencies.

Key Accomplishments & Impact

The following are the key accomplishments and impact of our team’s solution and delivery:

Key Accomplishment
Centralized Critical Safety Mass Notification Process
Business Impact
  • Defined and standardized critical mass safety event organizational hierarchy, methodology, and user roles agency-wide
  • Facilitated inter-departmental collaboration
  • Improved the agency's notification and response metrics
Key Accomplishment
Automated Incident Management Notification Workflow
Business Impact
  • Developed 35 Incident Templates for end-user use
  • Preconfigured contact mapping and delivery methodology (i.e., Email, Phone, SMS) to enable notification smart targeting of over 15,000 employees
Key Accomplishment
Developed Support Help Desk
Business Impact
  • Provide end users with support request functionality (i.e., New Template Development, User/Contact Management, Report Request, etc.)
  • Established standardized request intake, development, and release processes to empower continued system enhancement
  • Serves as a resource library to promote process compliance and new user onboarding
Key Accomplishment
Promote responsible client resource allocation and management
Business Impact
  • Prevented procurement of a new solution with identification of legacy technology capable of supporting project requirements
  • Rendered other licensed legacy technologies as no longer required
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