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Housing and Finance Grants Management Solution

With our Grants Management solution, you can create a platform to ensure reliable and streamlined grant programs within housing and finance, including systems to fund first-time home buyers and address housing shortages, equity, and access issues. The need for finance across the housing industry is more significant than ever, and institutions that aim to help homebuyers get access to the finance they need can use our system to streamline their method of applying for them, allowing for more effective use of housing resources in an equitable fashion. Our Grants Management solution can help you manage the work of completing applications and management tasks more efficiently and can create user guides that allow end-users to be more self-sufficient in their use of the services you offer.

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Housing and Finance Grants Management Software Key Features

Our solution can be configured to ensure that your processes meet the specific needs of housing initiatives, enabling your team to streamline grant management tasks. A core part of this process is ensuring that you can verify the accuracy of the submitted data, the applicant’s identity, and their residency status. As such, you can ensure the integrity of your applicants and better access to the data that allows you to ensure transparency in the selection process.

Federal, state, and local housing agencies in the public sector, including agencies working with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Public Housing Authorities (PHAs), need to ensure the effectiveness of their funding grant processes and compliance with all regulatory requirements. As such, our Grants Management solution can integrate with State-level centralized financial management systems, such as Infor and CGI Momentum. This can allow them to navigate the complicated financial landscapes more efficiently, accurately, and with compliance in mind.

Ignyte's Housing and Finance Grants Management Benefits

The features above make it much easier for grant providers and managers to streamline the tasks of processing grants, alleviating the burden on their staff. The improved integrity of information gained from grants allows for more informed decision-making when deciding the response to grant applications. 

Enabling lottery-based award processes improves equity and inclusion across the grant process while avoiding discrimination. This makes it easier for eligible applicants to have equal access to the chance of homeownership despite socioeconomic barriers that may otherwise prevent them.

Utilizing proven integrations with core accounting systems, our grant management solution can provide an extra layer of protection against financial risks, ensuring the integrity of housing and funding initiatives. Grant providers and managers can ensure their funds are used appropriately by verifying and ensuring the accuracy and correctness of the data provided. This not only ensures the effective use of housing funds designed to address issues of housing access and shortages but also improves the confidence of stakeholders in the grant management process.

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